[Open Source] Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System Installation Guide

So you are ready to start implementing your own cloud mesh optimization solution, well you’re in luck since this guide will show you how to do that exactly.

Before we start you are going to need couple of dependencies, make sure you have the following installed and configured,

To keep this guide simple i wont go into the details of installing each of these solutions, you can find many tutorials around the web to help you install and configure them correctly.

Now once you have all the services installed start by downloading / cloning the application from GitHub repository.

GitHub Link:

[Open Source] Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System

We are now going to guide you through the required steps to get the application up and running ….

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[Open Source] Rust Beast – Simplified Gaming Services

Rust Beast – Simplified Gaming Services

dynamic asynchronous game server

Recently i have been a part of a new exiting project , developing a free dynamic asynchronous game server to be used as a back-end for large variety of  games,

The project is still in early development stages we are hoping to release an alpha copy soon .

The Alpha version should support the features listed below ,


  • High Score
  • Money / Coins
  • Auto Save

All these features will be cross-platform supported allowing you to easily develop mind blowing gaming experience .


Check out this project on github.

Github : Readmore / Download



[Open source] Unity 3D Plugin

Asteroid Generator Unity 3D Plugin

Hey guys in the past couple days i have been working hard on a new exiting plugin for unity to simplify the usage of asteroid generation systems for space games

It includes the following features

  • Ability to change the noise value
  • Field Range using X / Y prarm values
  • Ability to use custom meshes cars , planes , bots , etc…
  • Random Element Size set by max and min value
  • Ability to auto animate the generated element
  • Subtract Region by using custom gizmo mesh

Check it out on github , or my company devblog

Github : Readmore / Download

WildGameArts Dev Blog : Readmore / Download

[Open Source] Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System

Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System – Overview


An Enterprise solution to optimize complex architecture models for use on desktop and mobile devices , the system aims to provide multiple level of resolution / Quality , and aims to support all types of meshes , also it has a full support for unity engine

The main reason of the development of the system is to provide an easy to use solution for architect designers allowing them to distribute their models of a large range of devices and services , by handling complex mesh optimization.


GitHub Page : Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System Source Code Repository

Features :

  • Ability to upload high poly meshes using the online web service
  • Handle Complex Mesh optimization up to 50% poly count reduction without affecting overall quality
  • Fully Integrated with Unity engine , allow for easy remote import of optimized models

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Kitbashing Spaceship Modeling Guide – Tips and Tricks Part-1

Kitbashing Spaceship : Final Results 01

Kitbashing is a modeling tech that allows you to use different model parts to make something totally new,

it works really great for scifi and mechanical models , through this article we will provide with everything you need to start building mind blowing spaceships.

Use this method to Improve your modeling techniques by integrating kitbashing in your pipeline , in this article we are going to guide you through the process of modeling , optimizing , texturing , and rendering the final model .

Being familiar with the following tools would be great ,

  • Blender  (3d Modeling Application)
  • Substance Painter (3D Texturing Application)
  • Unity Engine (A Fully Optimized Game Engine)
  • Keyhshot (High End Rendering Application)

Your first step to kitbash modeling is to collect models from different sources and use you imagination to combine them into your final peace of art ,

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Unity Attach Weapon to Character

UnityTagUnity Attach Weapon to Character

In the following tutorial i will guide you through the process of attaching a weapon to a character using unity engine with a little bit of c# coding.

Ready to start , lets go , fire up unity and make sure you have a basic character with the desired weapon to attach make sure both of them are visible in the scene

In this tutorial we assume that your character is already rigged and has a valid bone structure , we need that to specify where the weapon is going to be attached , for more information regarding character bones and rigging .

Regardless if your not using a humanoid character you can just attach the weapon to any sub-mesh or even the original mesh itself,


Once you get everything setup you need to create a small script to attach the weapon to the character , the script will have 3 states ,

  • Idle Position
  • Handheld Position
  • Shooting Position

You can add as many states as you wish but for this tutorial we are going to cover the three above , so lets get started

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Openstack Nova Dashboard And Console Commands Not Executed

Openstack Post Tag

Generally this issue is caused by the Qppid or rabbitmq not synchronizing messages across the cluster , it can be debugged by looking into the Qppid messages stack , also you may try the simple fix below .

Make sure all compute services are up and running

Check the compute services are running on horizon dashboard

or you may execute the following command on the controller node

nova-manager service list

if all the compute services are up and running try restarting the Qppid service on the controller node , keep in mind that restarting Qppid would only reset the service and not flush the Qppid stack .


Information you should know about this article

Openstack Version : Havana

Operating System : Centos 6.5


Openstack L3 Agent Down on Dashboard


In case of L3 agents being down on the dashboard , you can update the agent state by applying the solution suggested below.



ISSUE  : Single L3 Agents has the state down on the horizon dashboard

SOLUTION : Restart the neutron server service on the controller node then restart openvswitch and openvswitch agent on the hypervisor of the affected node

ISSUE  : All L3 Agents Are Down on the horizon dashboard

SOLUTION : Restart openstack-nova-network on the controller node and on the affected machine


Information you should know about this article

Openstack Version : Havana

Operating System : Centos 6.5