[Open Source] Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System

Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System – Overview


An Enterprise solution to optimize complex architecture models for use on desktop and mobile devices , the system aims to provide multiple level of resolution / Quality , and aims to support all types of meshes , also it has a full support for unity engine

The main reason of the development of the system is to provide an easy to use solution for architect designers allowing them to distribute their models of a large range of devices and services , by handling complex mesh optimization.


GitHub Page : Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System Source Code Repository

Features :

  • Ability to upload high poly meshes using the online web service
  • Handle Complex Mesh optimization up to 50% poly count reduction without affecting overall quality
  • Fully Integrated with Unity engine , allow for easy remote import of optimized models

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Kitbashing Spaceship Modeling Guide – Tips and Tricks Part-1

Kitbashing Spaceship : Final Results 01

Kitbashing is a modeling tech that allows you to use different model parts to make something totally new,

it works really great for scifi and mechanical models , through this article we will provide with everything you need to start building mind blowing spaceships.

Use this method to Improve your modeling techniques by integrating kitbashing in your pipeline , in this article we are going to guide you through the process of modeling , optimizing , texturing , and rendering the final model .

Being familiar with the following tools would be great ,

  • BlenderĀ  (3d Modeling Application)
  • Substance Painter (3D Texturing Application)
  • Unity Engine (A Fully Optimized Game Engine)
  • Keyhshot (High End Rendering Application)

Your first step to kitbash modeling is to collect models from different sources and use you imagination to combine them into your final peace of art ,

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