[Open Source] Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System

Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System – Overview


An Enterprise solution to optimize complex architecture models for use on desktop and mobile devices , the system aims to provide multiple level of resolution / Quality , and aims to support all types of meshes , also it has a full support for unity engine

The main reason of the development of the system is to provide an easy to use solution for architect designers allowing them to distribute their models of a large range of devices and services , by handling complex mesh optimization.


GitHub Page : Cloud 3D Mesh Optimization System Source Code Repository

Features :

  • Ability to upload high poly meshes using the online web service
  • Handle Complex Mesh optimization up to 50% poly count reduction without affecting overall quality
  • Fully Integrated with Unity engine , allow for easy remote import of optimized models




Third Party Software and services

  • Blender/Meshlab
  • Unity Engine

Note : This project is still in development the current release is a pre-alpha and was deployed for demonstration purposes , this file will be updated once the initial release is out there , thank you

Upcoming Features :

  • Handle Complex Model Materials and Reserve UV Maps
  • Provide Support for more mesh file types
  • Provide resolution control sliders for custom realtime optimization , final model will be render on the remote server and presented to the client for approval
  • Provide Render views for the end user during different processing stages.
  • Introduce Multiple optimization presets
  • Ability to split complex meshes into submeshes without affecting the overall quality
  • Provide Production Quality Render , Along with preoptimized render presets , that can be used by the end user for demonstration purposes.